3 Simple Ways to Promote Your Products with a Blog Announcement

3 Simple Ways to Promote Your Products with a Blog Announcement

When you’re ready to promote your products, don’t skip writing a blog announcement post! It may seem like a corny thing to do, but each of your products deserve a blog post that mentions its launch.

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Creating an ebook, PDF printable, or online course required your time, effort, energy, didn’t it? Now that you’re done, announce your completion to the world. In addition to being a final step in your digital product creation process, a well written blog announcement will provide SEO (search engine optimization) juice to your blog, giving more eyeballs the opportunity to hear about your product.


Here are a few different ways you can share with the world:

Promote with a Blog Post

promote-in-a-blog-postIf you’re already blogging, you definitely want to promote with a blog post. You can create a blog post that focuses on a particular challenge or goal, and mention how your digital product helps solve that problem.

If you are an affiliate blogger, this is the same as writing a regular blog, EXCEPT, the only product that you link to is your own. Your blog post doesn’t have to link too many times to your product, but it doesn’t need to share attention with other products either.



Create a Product Announcement

In a product announcement, you can write about your digital product, the ins and outs, your process, your inspirations, etc. This is also a good place to thank the people who helped support you, including your family and other loved ones who you might have ignored while consumed with your project. If you had an accountability partner, a public acknowledgement from you may be a nice gesture.


Create a New Product Press Release


You can also create a new product press release which can be used by others in the media. A press release is a self-contained official announcement, which includes all of the information that a person needs to know in order to share it with others. At the left is a press release for my dating book, The Love Reset, on PR Log.

A well-written product press release contains a headline, a description of the product, quotes from you, your bio, and contact information so potential interviewers can reach you. But also remember that a press release should also read like an article, so journalists can also use your press release word for word, if they are short on time.

Go forth and promote your products!

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