You’re Here 


to make money with your blog.


You want to create a flowing stream of income, work from home, and become financially independent.

If only you could make it happen…

Because right now you find yourself struggling to get traffic, build an email list, and make sales.

You’re also doubting your value, underpricing your offerings, and making little or no money online.

Oh boy, can I relate. I have been there!


  • You’re an online influencer seeking to create a passive income stream.
  • You’re a specialist seeking to transform your knowledge into a digital product.
  • You’re an affiliate blogger seeking to create and sell your own digital products.

I believe that…

  • Everyone has a story to tell, and something meaningful to teach
  • Your particular perspective is unique and important, regardless of how many other people are already teaching it in your niche.
  • There is more to life than working a soul-sucking day job, and that you can create income that is time and location independent.

That means creating a living around your passions, instead of the other way around.


I can help you turn your blog into a business


I’m Carla Lynne Hall, digital business coach. I work with established bloggers who want to create digital products that solve problems, build their tribe, and make them money.

I got started with online marketing as a musician promoting my performances and CDs when websites first became popular (don’t let my babyface fool you!). I was also a full-time administrative assistant living in New York City, “living the dream”. Translation: I worked 40-50 hours a week in a cubicle, and performed in clubs a few times a week.

Along the way, I became obsessed with the internet and social media. I learned how to promote my shows online, and sell out of my indie music CDs. I dreamed of leaving my job, and pursuing my passion full-time, but I had NO idea how to make it happen.  

Meanwhile, I was waking up at 6am to work on my musical projects before heading to my office job, with its boring routines and office politics, then afterwards going straight to rehearsals or shows. After that, I’d finally head home to sleep, and start the cycle all over again.

This eventually snowballed into a side hustle of speaking, writing and consulting opportunities. And a coaching business and digital product line.

Until I was laid off from my day job.

However, getting laid off was one of the happiest days in my life, because I finally gave myself permission to pursue my online business, and make my own hours.

I then dove into learning about business and entrepreneurship, and completed entrepreneurship programs by Workshop In Business Opportunities (WIBO) and The Kauffman Foundation to complement my business knowledge. Over the last twenty years, I have helped more than five thousand artists and entrepreneurs market themselves, or their work, online.

Now a few years later, I’ve turned my knowledge and expertise into a full-time business, and I have the time and location freedom that supports my lifestyle.

But the real point I want to remind you of is that no matter where you are in your online business journey, creating an online business that fits your life and brings you joy is SO do-able. And I’m here to show you how to do it.


“Carla’s information is easy to understand and to implement. I can’t tell you how much the information gleamed from her course impacted my bottom line. Her guidance and marketing advice advanced sales of my various books when I applied consistent branding options, as well as simplified the path toward my own online course. I recommend this course to anyone who is anxious about where to start building their email list, market their products and or services, share their expertise, while adding to their bank account, too!”

CharLena Pearson-Fulcher, author, New York City Budget Weddings: Creating Your New York City Wedding For Less Than $15,000

“Carla is truly an inspiration. She would get you so inspired and pumped out you will just be amazed watching your plans turn into action in front of your eyes. She is a wonderful coach who would walk you through the technical part of things and also through the motivation you would need to see it through.  She would make you amaze yourself! You would find yourself trying new things you would never dream of ever trying. She would help you get out of your comfort zone and go for it! Thank you Carla for being such an inspiration and helping me start the new year on a great note!”

Aysha Iqbal, author, Blogging for Stay at Home Moms

“Carla is an amazing business mentor who will help you get your business off the ground or help you bring it to the next level. She is so helpful and knowledgeable. She will research until she finds the right answer. Her energy and enthusiasm is contagious.”

Patricia O’Connell, course creator, Natural Pain Management Strategies

“Carla makes creating your first digital product so easy! She’s UBER helpful in her mastermind group if you need a creative kick or some motivation moving forward with your ideas.  I made my first product fast and I had it up and selling on my site even faster! I can’t thank her enough!”

Lesley Stevens, author, Trichotillomania Therapy Journal


When you work with me, you’ll walk away with:

  • Inspiration to take the next steps to grow your blog business
  • Knowledge and tools to create and sell your own products
  • A plan of action from idea to first sale

If you’re ready to stop moving in circles, and build a real online business, there’s no time like the present.


To share your knowledge, help people, and be your own boss?

Here are some ways that we can work together:



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