Are You Ready For a Blog Revival?


One of the members of the Internet Famous VIP Mastermind Group asked me yesterday if we’d have a focus this month.

While my initial response was “I don’t think so. My blog redesign is still going on.”, she mentioned that she was thinking about her blog’s navigation.

And then SUDDENLY I remembered that Lesley Stevens is starting a brand new blog, that Julia Griffin King was feeling a bit of a “blogging slump”, Charlotte Anderson is often tinkering on her blog too, so it hit me that we are all on a similar journey – and it’s a good time for a revival! Time to inject new blood and new ideas into your blog, and remember why you started blogging in the first place.

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Before we can have a “renewal of the mind” related to your blog, it’s important to tap into your original reasons for becoming a blogger in the first place.

WHY do YOU blog? Do you like sharing content, or having a blog that creates income? Because your favorite guru said that you have to have one? Are you blogging in order to become a guru yourself? Do you enjoy blogging? Has it become a chore?

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Let’s explore the reasons why you became a blogger (or why you’d like to be a blogger). You can share below, or start a new post. LIVESTREAMS ARE ENCOURAGED in the group, so go for it!

You can also write the answer in a journal, and/or keep it to yourself. The goal today is just to answer this question: WHY DO YOU BLOG?

Whatever you’re feeling about your current blog, or however you feel about blogging in general, this month is for YOU! Let’s support each other in making our blogs the best that they can be!

Let this be the occasion of your BLOG REVIVAL!


Carla Lynne Hall is a Digital Business Coach who teaches online courses for bloggers and online influencers who  want to grow an audience, build a profitable online business, and enjoy a lifestyle to outside of the regular 9-5.  She also runs the Internet Famous VIP Mastermind Group on Facebook, where she provides group coaching and challenges. Join today at

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