Beat the Blogging Summer Slump!

What Is the Summer Slump for Bloggers?

For bloggers, the summer slump is the time when traffic to your blog slows down, and there’s less engagement on your social networks. The name for this phenomenon is “The Summer Slump” (aka The Summer Dip – as in a dip in blog traffic), as people are spending a lot more time enjoying life – in real life (I know, what a concept!).  

In the western hemisphere where most (but not all!) of my readers are, the days are growing longer, and life moves at a slower pace. Kids, teachers, and parents are counting down the last days of school, and planning their summer vacations and beach visits.

How To Handle A Summer Slump On Your Blog

Instead of fretting about the loss of traffic, or even taking the entire season off from your blog, accept the slow down as a natural occurrence, and decide how to make these months work in your favor without losing any momentum.  In fact, summer is a GREAT time for blog maintenance projects, such as:

Now that I think about it, you could also use the summer to create a new digital product at a comfortable pace. Or practice livestreaming on your public Facebook Page.

On my end, I’m fixing little details on my blog, cleaning up my Pinterest boards, and learning how to use my new fancy digital camera (Instagram, here I come!).

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The best reason NOT to abandon your blog is to be ready when traffic returns in August.

Summer Slump Ideas For Your Blog

If you blog about anything that has to do with Back to School, Halloween, Fall Recipes, Getting Organized, and/or Beauty/Fashion, the Summer Slump is the time to prepare and create those blog posts.

If you’re only blogging about summer topics right now, I recommend setting aside time to plant seeds for the fall, in order to get ahead of the game. But remember to eat more popsicles and run through some sprinklers too!

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What do you have planned for your blog this summer?

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