Blog Trolls and Haters!

Blog Trolls and Haters!

So what about blog trolls and haters? There is a thing called the “tall poppy syndrome”, when people become successful, some can’t help but project negativity on them. Whether this person is a troll or not, negative comments are part of the territory.

As we raise our online profiles, not everyone will be happy about that, and there will be haters. It’s important to also know that, as you can’t respond to all your haters.

But, of course. Haters gonna hate! 🙂

Some people LOVE Beyonce, and some people HATE Beyonce. Check out Amazon reviews, and you’ll find people on both sides of the spectrum.

Trolls are actually a milestone of success. Consider it an introduction to the club! 🙂

You cannot become more successful without encountering haters. They are part of the territory, unfortunately. Recognize it as a MILESTONE in your career, and keep moving. Don’t let anyone stop your SHINE.

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On the road to online business success, fear of visibility/being seen is a real thing. The thought of haters is enough to keep us in our tracks, but we must persist. Everything we want is outside of our comfort zone.

The internet makes some people bold, as they can hide behind their anonymity. So we also have to develop a thicker skin in these situations. Not easy, of course, but knowing that it’s normal sometimes helps.

Laugh that attack all the way to the bank.
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Is the fear of blog trolls keeping you from growing your online business?


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