Need a Blog Tune Up?

Need a Blog Tune Up?

Now that it’s September, many of us have put away our summer gear, and are in “back to school mode”. That makes it a perfect time to start new projects – or return to old ones.

Before you start changing up everything, let’s ease into things by looking under the hood of your blog. To avoid overwhelm, choose ONE area to improve this month. If you meet your goal early, move into another area. Online projects usually take longer than we expect, so go easy on yourself.

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Here are some possible ideas: 

Blog Theme/Design

  • What is the #1 thing you want people to do on your blog?
  • Does your blog have clear navigation?
  • What story is your blog telling?

Blog Statistics

  • How is your blog traffic?
  • What are your most popular blog posts?
  • What are the keywords used most often to find your blog?
  • What are the best traffic sources to your blog?

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  • Are you using consistent colors and fonts?
  • Are you using the same banner photos on your social media accounts?
  • Do the graphics have an identifiable look?


  • What is the overall vibe of your blog?
  • What STORY is your blog telling?
  • Is there enough YOU in your blog?

 Blog Posts

  • Is your content evergreen?
  • Can you update any of your old blog posts?
  • Are your blog posts “pajama-fied”?
  • Do you need to add or update affiliate links?
  • Do you have any broken links?
  • Consider using video and/or audio content to your blog posts


How do you feel about your blog (and blogging in general)??? How connected are you to the content you’ve written? Could your blog benefit from a new direction or theme?

Ready for your blog tune up?

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