Blog Your Life!

Blog YOUR Life!

Since I’ve started blogging professionally (and not just for fun), I’m often asked how blogging works. It’s basically writing for a living, but on steroids. In a nutshell: You blog your life, you blog your passions, and you create income by promoting products and services you trust. You can also promote your own digital products.

My blog posts are written with the intention to promote products, and then distributed via various channels on the internet. Some of these products I created myself. Other times I promote products for others.

The important thing to know about my blogs is that they reflect my life, and how I choose to live it. And if you decide to promote yourself or your art/work, or your business with a blog, your blog should reflect you and how you choose to live YOUR life. This is why they’re called LIFESTYLE BLOGS.

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When thinking about the topics that you want to blog about, they will often be right under your nose. One of my Pajama Affiliates colleagues recently posted in our Facebook group that her sister didn’t think she was doing anything worthy of a blog because she “only” kept bees and raised chickens. Oh, and her husband built her a heated chicken coop with electricity. We were like, “What?! Get her in this group NOW!” I ran to my Jaaxy keyword research tool, and learned that every single day, someone is searching Google on how to raise chickens and how to keep bees. There are also people searching Google to BUY ready-made chicken coop plans.

So YES! Beekeeping and chicken coops are definitely blog-worthy!

blog your life

How to Blog Your Life?

There are thousands of people online who share your passions, so put yourself “out there” on your blog, and join your online tribe. Whether you are passionate about gluten-free cooking, essential oils, coloring books for adults, home décor, gifts, dating and relationships, etc, there are people who want to know what you know.

If you’re blogging about your business, it’s easy to take for granted the things that you already know that others don’t. Your blog is a great place to offer solutions and video tutorials. By solving problems in your blog, you demonstrate your authority and provide value. Whenever it’s appropriate, don’t be afraid to share your authentic self in your blog. No one wants to do business with a cardboard cut-out. So show us who you are!

Blogging My Own Life

When it comes to blogging about my own life, my musician lifestyle is filled with music, travel, performing, one-of-a-kind experiences, meeting new people, reconnecting, always reconnecting, with my biological and soul family around the world.

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I’ll be 48 next month, and this is the life that I am happy to say that I have created for myself. It has been a long-held goal of mine to create income that was time and location independent. The ability to put my time and focus where I want it, which is living my musical life, is a dream come true.

But I won’t wax poetic. Blogging is a job like anything else, meaning you show up to it everyday. But if you choose something that you are passionate about, you will enjoy it more.

Let me take that back. You will still yell at your computer at times. You will still roll your eyes when someone does something that you don’t like. But you can do that anyway at an office you don’t like that much, with people you like even less.

So why not work on your own terms?

Let this be the year that you kickstart your blog, and profit from your passions!

Are you ready to blog your life?

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