Keep Track Business Expenses

Keep Track Business Expenses Q: Need advice and HELP to keep track of business expenses.  I need a business type person to help me figure out profit and loss for my current business - teaching yoga and childbirth. If someone asked me what my income is gross or net, I couldn't tell them. I am not … Read more about Keep Track Business Expenses

Need a Blog Tune Up?

Need a Blog Tune Up? Now that it’s September, many of us have put away our summer gear, and are in “back to school mode”. That makes it a perfect time to start new projects - or return to old ones. Before you start changing up everything, let’s ease into things by looking under the hood of your … Read more about Need a Blog Tune Up?

How to Get On Podcasts

How to Get On Podcasts If you want to know how to get on podcasts, remember that podcasts are simply online radio shows. Just like videos, but you don't have to do hair and makeup. Some people like podcasts because they can listen to them while doing other things like driving or doing … Read more about How to Get On Podcasts