Blog Trolls and Haters!

Blog Trolls and Haters! So what about blog trolls and haters? There is a thing called the "tall poppy syndrome", when people become successful, some can't help but project negativity on them. Whether this person is a troll or not, negative comments are part of the territory.As we raise our online … Read more about Blog Trolls and Haters!

Market Research for Blogs

Market Research for Blogs? Today I want to talk about Market Research and why it’s crucial to do in order to find your niche online. But first I want to talk about why no one wants to do it. As internet marketers, we often have great ideas, and we can’t wait to put them into action. We get an … Read more about Market Research for Blogs

New Year’s Goals Template

New Year's Goals Template For the past few years, I've been spending my New Year's Eve in a quiet way. Instead of partying with friends - although nothing is wrong with that - I've been enjoying taking stock of the old year, and setting intentions for the new one. In this blog post, I'll share my … Read more about New Year’s Goals Template

Create an Online Vision Board

Create an Online Vision Board Who doesn't love a VISION BOARD at the beginning of a New Year??? Nothing like getting out those magazines, and cutting out pictures, and pasting them onto poster board, right? And don't forget finding words and captions and gluing them next to the pictures! Well, now … Read more about Create an Online Vision Board