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Blog Trolls and Haters!

Blog Trolls and Haters! So what about blog trolls and haters? There is a thing called the "tall poppy syndrome", when people become successful, some can't help but project negativity on them. Whether this person is a troll or not, negative comments are part of the territory.As we raise our online … Read more about Blog Trolls and Haters!

New Year’s Goals Template

New Year's Goals Template For the past few years, I've been spending my New Year's Eve in a quiet way. Instead of partying with friends - although nothing is wrong with that - I've been enjoying taking stock of the old year, and setting intentions for the new one. In this blog post, I'll share my … Read more about New Year’s Goals Template

Create an Online Vision Board

Create an Online Vision Board Who doesn't love a VISION BOARD at the beginning of a New Year??? Nothing like getting out those magazines, and cutting out pictures, and pasting them onto poster board, right? And don't forget finding words and captions and gluing them next to the pictures! Well, now … Read more about Create an Online Vision Board

Become A Lifestyle Blogger

Become a Lifestyle Blogger! I never thought I'd be "Going Hollywood" in this blog, but I can't fight the inspiration that hit me this afternoon: To become a lifestyle blogger is a little like becoming a reality TV star (and I mean that in the best way!) that lifestyle bloggers create a home on the … Read more about Become A Lifestyle Blogger

Does Blogging Help SEO?

Does Blogging Help SEO? Many new bloggers ask if blogging helps SEO, which is Search Engine Optimization. In other words, should they write topics that people search for in search engines, such as Google. An important aspect of online marketing is Search Engine Optimization (or SEO for short). SEO … Read more about Does Blogging Help SEO?

Local SEO Blog

Local SEO for Your Blog Would you like to add local SEO to your blog? SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 101 dictates that every location is a potential keyword. People often want to know WHERE something is located, or WHERE it was created. Two strangers bond quickly when they learn that they … Read more about Local SEO Blog

Networking for Bloggers

Networking for Bloggers As a solopreneur, it can get lonely working from home, and it’s important to have a tribe of like-minded people just like you, for support. I happen to be a people person. I like going to meetups and networking events, and talking about business. I like hearing about what … Read more about Networking for Bloggers

Time Management for Bloggers

Time Management for Bloggers Whether it's finding topics to write about, or finding the time to write about it, new bloggers often find themselves stuck when writing their first blog posts. One reason why is, I believe, is that newbie bloggers look at blogging as a hobby, and treat it as … Read more about Time Management for Bloggers

Blog Your Life!

Blog YOUR Life! Since I’ve started blogging professionally (and not just for fun), I’m often asked how blogging works. It’s basically writing for a living, but on steroids. In a nutshell: You blog your life, you blog your passions, and you create income by promoting products and services you trust. … Read more about Blog Your Life!