Create an Online Vision Board

Create an Online Vision Board

Who doesn’t love a VISION BOARD at the beginning of a New Year??? Nothing like getting out those magazines, and cutting out pictures, and pasting them onto poster board, right? And don’t forget finding words and captions and gluing them next to the pictures! Well, now you can also create an online vision board that you can keep on your computer.

Wait! You don’t know what a vision board is? A vision board is a collage of pictures and words that reflect things that you want in life. A vision board is placed somewhere where it can be seen often, to keep you focused.

In this video from the 2018 Success Challenge, I’ve created a tutorial on creating a vision board using Pinterest, and I show you how you can make one too.

To create an online vision board, an easy way to start is to go to Google’s Image search. You can enter words related to your goals, or even actions to take, and you’ll be surprised and inspired by the pics that come up. You can use your computer’s home screen to feature photos of the things you’d like to do and have, so you see them all of the time.

Another easy way to create an online vision board is to make one on Pinterest. Pinterest is already a search engine of inspiring photos and blog posts, so you can create a board dedicated to your wishes, dreams, and goals. If you want to get fancy, you can create multiple boards based on different activities and areas of your life, or even favorite colors!

Here’s a screenshot of my Vision Board on Pinterest:

create an online vision board

As we are heading into a New Year, why not give into the urge to make a new vision board for your online business?

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Let’s create an online vision board today!

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