Find Customers for Your Online Business

Find Customers for Your Online Business

Are you hoping to find customers for your online business? If you’re thinking about creating a digital product, you may be brainstorming topic ideas or weighing the pros and cons of creating an eBook or an online course.

But before you get too deep in the planning process, I have an important question to ask before you do anything else.

Do you have an audience?

While it’s exciting to think about the time and location freedom that we’ll have with a digital product, it is even more important to have an audience to sell it to – FIRST.

Similar to the question of whether the chicken or the egg comes first, I can confirm that creating an online audience is how the sales happen.

You know how it is when you have a great idea for a product? You’re all excited, and you jump into the project, and you lose sleep and skip extracurricular events in order to complete it?

Have you then completed your amazing eBook or online course, put it up for sale, and then NO ONE purchased it?

I’ve had this happen. Several times.

This is called Assumption Testing. That’s when you assume that you have a great idea, and test it by putting it on the market in the hopes that someone will purchase it.

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I’ve learned the hard way that Assumption Testing is a waste of your time. Instead of focusing on creating your product, focus on creating YOUR AUDIENCE.

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Create Your Audience Before Creating Your Product

The main reason to establish your own online audience is that you gain firsthand knowledge of what your ideal client wants. While my course “From Bricks to Clicks” teaches you how to spy on your ideal clients online, an even better way to know what they want is to create your own audience online so you can ask them yourself.

So how can you create your audience online? I’ll give you a hint.


This year’s livestream challenges have been great for getting people out of their comfort zones, and helping them find clarity with their business, but there was another benefit that I hadn’t anticipated – creating an audience of ideal clients!

Video has the power to speed up the know, like, and trust factor for you, because your ideal clients get to see your face and your facial expressions. They hear your confidence and passion, and they respond.

During this year’s Livestream Challenge in February, I learned my own lessons in the process. By creating a livestream video every day, I’ve been able to share my knowledge and ideas, and present myself as a specialist.

But even more important, I’ve been able to receive feedback from my ideal clients, in other words – YOU. Through these livestreams, I learned immediately when my content worked, and when it needed to be tweaked. This is the best market research that I could ever get.

So how do you create an audience by livestreaming? If you don’t already have one, create a Facebook Page for your business. Your business Facebook Page is where you can livestream, share content with your ideal clients. When you are ready to create digital products, I recommend that you also have your own Facebook Group. Having a group enables you to create a virtual container where you can communicate with your ideal clients, and they can communicate with each other. This is like creating your very own focus group of ideal clients who will teach you what works, and what doesn’t. This kind of engagement inspires loyalty and trust, not to mention – sales!

This livestream challenge came to be because someone in the group asked for more support and accountability around livestreaming. As we all created daily livestreams, I learned about the fears that some people have about livestreaming. This enabled me to offer guidance and encouragement. I also learned about the most common technical issues that people have, which enabled me to discover and provide solutions.

With all of the content that was created this year, I’d like repackage it as a mini-course on livestreaming. If I had only focused on my own experiences, a mini-course wouldn’t be as robust without the input and feedback from the participants.

How are you finding customers for your online business?

Carla Lynne Hall is a Digital Business Coach who teaches online courses for bloggers and online influencers who  want to grow an audience, build a profitable online business, and enjoy a lifestyle to outside of the regular 9-5.  She also runs the Internet Famous VIP Mastermind Group on Facebook, where she provides group coaching and challenges. Join today at

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