Group Intro

As a musician, I found my way to online marketing when websites were first invented (don’t let the babyface fool ya!). This soon morphed into teaching online music marketing for my fellow musicians. Writing articles and teaching workshops led to consulting and Virtual Assistant (VA) gigs in Music PR, and this has been my jam for the last 20 years.

After becoming a member of a successful musical duo, I decided that I’d rather have a business that’s 100% online, so my schedule would have more flexibility for performing and traveling. I joined Pajama Affiliates to learn how people make money online, and ironically, the FIRST thing I learned was that musicians are NOT a lucrative buyer’s market! Sheesh, it only took me 20 years!

If you’ve been in the group for the last year, you may have seen me dabble in the dating and relationship niche. I wrote a dating eBook, The Love Reset, which I’m proud of, but teaching people how to market themselves online is where my heart is.

Soooo, I’m excited to announce that I’m launching a new online course for small business owners and entrepreneurs to market their businesses online.