How to Make a Sales Page That Sings!

How to Make a Sales Page That Sings!

How to Make a Sales Page That Sings!

As soon as you complete your eBook, printable, or course, your next focus should be creating a compelling sales page. This blog post will provide a sales page template formula with design and copy tips.

Your digital product page is a special page which requires and deserves your full attention. This is because a well-written sales page acts as a virtual salesperson to promote its benefits and features 24/7.

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It is not uncommon for a sales page to take weeks to complete, and there is often a mysterious ebb and flow to the creation process. It is also not uncommon for some marketers to spend $10,000 and up on a sales page, because a well-written sales page has the power to attract millions of dollars in sales.

Writing a Sales Page Requires Copywriter Skills

If you are already a blogger, you may be interested in learning the art, craft, and science of copywriting. Copywriting is writing words that persuade and/or sell. Furthermore copywriting skills will make or break the sales page, so it’s worth taking the time to do it right. There is a definite skill to copywriting, and when done right, can inspire sales of your digital product.


Use the AIDA Marketing Strategy

Copywriters often use the AIDA Marketing Strategy when writing words to attract customers and clients. It’s a simple formula:

A: Attention – Grab attention with a headline
I: Interest – Offer an interesting solution for your audience’s need or pain point
D: Desire – Stir up the flames of desire
A: Action – Give them a call to action

Elements of a Successful Landing Page That Sells

A successful sales page requires several elements to attract sales. If you have a sales page on your blog, create a landing page without a sidebar or other distractions. A landing page is a focused page where you send your potential customers to “land”, and learn only about your product, and how it can help them.

  1. Name of Product: What is your product called?
  2. Tagline or Subtitle: Your tagline or subtitle is descriptive, and tells a prospective customer what they’ll learn
  3. Headline/Hook: An attention grabbing statement or question
  4. Pain Points – List some issues that your audience has
  5. Turning Point or Solution – Offer a view of the future with the problem solved
  6. Images – Break up text with graphics
  7. Description of Your Product – Let people know what you’re selling
  8. Your Differential Advantage – How is your product different from others in your niche?
  9. Outline of Your Product – Share eBook Table of Contents or Course Curriculum
  10. Testimonials and/or Case Studies – Share social proof from other people who have worked with you, used your product, or otherwise benefitted from your content.
  11. Bio – Let us know who you are, what you do, and who you serve
  12. Refund Policy – Let people know your refund policy before they purchase.
  13. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Common questions
  14. Price – Tell us how much your product costs
  15. Buy Buttons – Have at least two buy buttons on the page, so they’re easy to find.


Ready to make your sales page sing?

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