Live Streaming Videos Are Not Just For Your Health!

Live Streaming Videos Are Not Just For Your Health!

When I first had the idea to have a livestream challenge in February, I had no idea what would happen. All I knew was that I thought livestreaming was fun during the end of year Online Success Challenge, and that Internet Famous VIP members wanted to do more of them.

Asking people to livestream for a whole month seemed like a great idea, because I felt that people would need time to figure out the technology, and find their groove. If it had only been a 7 day challenge, it wouldn’t be enough time to coax people into doing them. As you may remember, for the first 7 days of the challenge, all we did was “day in the life” videos, and that was awesome.

Over the course of the month, Angela showed us her office, her well-organized laundry room, and even took us to Target! Angelyn shared her wisdom, Jill took us ice fishing with her husband, and introduced us to her black lab, Scout. Jim Keyes did a couple of livestreams in his bathrobe, not to mention the ones he did performing music and teaching us about history. CharLena taught us how to make fries with plaintains instead of regular potatoes, and also special breathing techniques so we can lose weight. Maria Bellin took us for walks in her neighborhood, and also in London’s Piccadilly Circus.

Bob attempted livestreaming while driving, which I don’t recommend, and also livestreamed on his page with his grandkids. Olivia taught about looking professional in our videos, Amy taught us basic sewing skills, and Aysha passionately shared why mothers shouldn’t have to choose between creating an income and spending time with your kids. I loved it!

Towards the end of the month, we even got some new livestream challenge participants, who were inspired by the earlier livestreams, Juanita, Cielo, Tym, Jessica, and even Lesley from Pajama Affiliates. Thanks to updates for Amazon affiliates, this weekend we gained new members from the Pajama Affiliates group who are interested in creating their own digital products, and if you’re one of our new members, I hope that you give livestreaming a shot too!

It’s been so exciting to watch you gain confidence, and now that you’ve gotten pretty good at livestreams I want to remind you that this challenge wasn’t just for your health. My inspiration for this livestream challenge is to show you how to sell your products and services with them. Creating livestreams is an easy way to show viewers who you are and what you do. This builds trust, so you can also tell your viewers about your offerings, and how they can work with you.

Download these livestream tips and topic ideas in my free Livestream Cheatsheet. 

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