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Would you like to add local SEO to your blog? SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 101 dictates that every location is a potential keyword. People often want to know WHERE something is located, or WHERE it was created. Two strangers bond quickly when they learn that they attended the same grade school or college. Hometown fans feel a sense of pride when “one of theirs” becomes a quarterback for a major football team, or CEO of a Fortune 500 company. So it’s important not to take your location for granted.

If you have a brick and mortar business, it’s important to include your location in your blogs. The name of your neighborhood, the city, and the zip code are all keywords that are searched on each day. When you include what you do and where you do it, you will become a beacon for people looking for exactly what you are offering.

Local SEO for Your Blog: Location, Location, Location!

If you are a plumber in Brooklyn or any other cold weather place, some of your blog posts should talk about what to do when pipes freeze over (before they call you, of course). A plumber in Miami will talk about whatever problems plumbers have in warm weather climates. You get my point. The name of your town is a keyword, but most importantly, it’s part of your STORY, and helps your blog posts get found!

If you are a chiropractor located in Brooklyn, make sure that your blog posts include that information so you can be found by people who are searching for you on Google and other search engines:

local seo blog

Even if your business is located 100% online, it can still be good to represent for your hometown. When people read your blog, they will get a sense of who you are when you share yourself.

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Local SEO for Your Blog: Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday was November 28th, and I spent the day visiting my favorite small businesses in my neighborhood of Washington Heights, NYC. If it matters, George Washington slept in many places in this area of New York State. So there are lots landmarks, real reminders that “George Washington slept here”!

I had originally planned to give a webinar for offline businesses that day, but since I had technical difficulties, I went shopping in my hood instead, and took Small Business Saturday Selfies!

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local seo blog

Purchasing apple cider from Gristede’s Supermarket


local seo blog
Picking up brandy from Columbia Wine Company
local seo blog
Finding hidden treasures at Word Up Community Bookshop

See what I did there? 🙂 I supported Small Business Saturday, while also “repping for my hood”. By including these keywords, people searching for Small Business Saturday and/or Washington Heights will have a better chance of finding this page.

Are you using local SEO in your blog?

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