Make a Digital Product In 30 Days or Less!

Make a Digital Product In 30 Days or Less!

To make a digital product in 30 days or less is not impossible when you have a plan. First, you need to have to decide on a problem that you can help your target market solve. Then you’ll want to decide which digital format (text, audio, and/or video) you’d like to use to teach the solution. Then, you’ll need to set aside the time, and create it.

Some internet marketers spend months creating a huge signature course, but if you are new to creating digital products, it’s actually a better idea to create something smaller, such as an eBook, or a short online course that you can create quickly. The reason for creating a smaller product is to create something that your target market can consume quickly, and give you feedback. The internet moves fast, and you don’t want to spend 3-6 months on an idea that won’t sell. By creating a short eBook or mini-course, you will be able to tweak your content easily based on the needs of your target market.

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One of the quickest ways to create a digital product is to use content that you’ve already created. If you’re a blogger, you’ve probably created content that you can polish into a product. While you may wonder who will purchase content that is already on your blog, you might be surprised to learn that many prospective customers will pay for the convenience of having your content organized in a way that is easy for them to put your information into action.

If you’re interested in creating brand new content, create a 5 part blog series so that you can focus on consistently creating new content. However, if you are interested in creating an eBook for Amazon Kindle, their rules prohibit selling information that is available for free on a blog. Remove that content from your blog before you upload it to Amazon Kindle, or edit the content so that it does not appear as duplicate.create digital product

Make a Digital Product with Text

To make a digital product with text, simply start writing a document. You can use Google Docs or MS Word, and convert it to a PDF document which can be downloaded. If you’d like to add photos, check out royalty-free (and cost-free!) sites such as and

Make a Digital Product with Audio

To make a digital product with audio, you record voices, sounds, or other recorded material, and convert it to MP3. Record MP3 audio with your smartphone, and create content which can be easily downloaded.

Make a Digital Product with Video

No need to spend an arm and a leg for a professional videographer. Making a digital product with video is also easy these days, thanks to the great video quality of smartphones. Many of the digital cameras on the market also take videos, so that’s less gear that you need to get started!

Make a Digital Product with Multimedia

You can also create a digital product that includes a combination of text, audio, and video. Some people prefer to read text, and others like video or audio. If it makes sense for you to include content in more than one format, try it and see how your customers like it.

And remember, digital means that you can always change and update your content!

Let’s make a digital product in the next 30 days!

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