Make An Elevator Pitch That Works!

Make an Elevator Pitch That Works!

To make an elevator pitch that works, I should probably define first what an elevator pitch is. Let’s say that you are out and about, and take an elevator while doing errands. As it often happens, another person gets in the elevator, and some small talk begins between the two of you. The other person may ask you about yourself.

On other occasions, you may be in a business setting, and find yourself in an elevator with someone you really want to meet, and create a good impression for yourself.

For fun, let’s also say that the person who entered the elevator pressed the button for the next floor, so you only have 30-60 seconds to make that impression.

How Do You Make An Elevator Pitch?

Making an elevator pitch that works best requires that you introduce yourself powerfully, so that the person will not only remember you, but also seek you out long after the elevator ride is over, and you’ve gone your separate ways.

Do You Need to Make an Elevator Pitch When You Work Online?

While the term “Elevator Pitch” was probably coined in a corporate business setting, having an elevator pitch is also good for online entrepreneurs. It’s a great way to sum up who you are, and what you do in less than 30 seconds – regardless of where your business is located. Whether you are writing the “About Me” page on your blog, or introducing yourself in a live video, sharing your elevator pitch helps your listener or reader understand how you can possibly help them.

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Making An Effective Elevator Pitch

The basic format of an elevator pitch is a response to the question “So what do you do?”:

I   (    verb   ) (   your target market   ) (   result   )


“I help online entrepreneurs make their first $1000 and beyond.”

“I help new moms lose their baby weight.”

“I teach architects how to pass their LEED exam the first time.”

An Even Better Elevator Pitch

Depending on how you are delivering your elevator pitch, you can make it more powerful by adding the reason WHY you do what you do. Then your elevator pitch becomes a MISSION STATEMENT that tells the world Who You Are, What You Do, and WHY?


“I help online entrepreneurs make their first $1000 and beyond, because there is more to life that working a 9-5 job.”

“I help new moms lose their baby weight because I’ve done it myself, and want to help others.”

“I teach architects how to pass the LEED exam because the test has a 60-70% failure rate, and passing the exam can add another $20,000 to their income.”

Whether or not you state your WHY when delivering your elevator pitch, it’s important that you know what it is. Having a reason behind your online business is what keeps you on track.

Tips for Making A Powerful Elevator Pitch

The ability to introduce yourself powerfully in person, in writing, videos, etc. is a reflection of the confidence and clarity you have about your business.

1.      Keep It Brief
Remember that you don’t have (or need) a lot of time to get your message across.

2.      Keep It Clear
Don’t use a lot of business jargon or lingo, or you’ll end up sounding sales-y.

3.      Keep It Results-Oriented
Be sure to mention the results that your ideal customer gets from you.

If you find yourself stumbling over words, you may need to refine your message. I sometimes find that people who stammer during their own elevator pitch may not feel confident in their abilities. Practicing in front of a mirror, as well as with people who don’t know your business can be helpful.

How is your elevator pitch working for you?


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