How to Make Your Blog Unique

How to Make Your Blog Unique

To make your blog unique is to have a blog which is a reflection of your personality, style and taste.

Each and every blog has a vibe, and in identity that is a reflection of the blogger(s) who create content. In order to create a brand for your blog that stands out, have a plan the following design elements:


Branding is about consistency. When using a logo, be sure to use it often. If you are a solo blogger, share photos of your face, so the reader can connect to you via virtual eye contact. If you use a header for your blog, use the same picture for the headers on other social media networks. If you have a blog identity kit (see below), use the same colors and fonts all the time.

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* What is the personality of your blog?

* What kind of content do you like sharing?

* What kind of problems do you solve on your blog?

*  Is your vibe consistent?


Create an identity kit for your blog. This will let readers know that it’s you, and to know what to expect when they see you online.

* Logo or Your headshot

* Colors – Choose 2-4 colors to use throughout your blog, and in all your marketing materials

* Fonts – Choose up to 3 fonts to use consistently on your blog, and your marketing materials

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