Make Your Own eCommerce Widget for Your Products

Make Your Own eCommerce Widget for Your Products

Did you know that you can make your own ecommerce widget to promote your eBook, online course, or PDF printable? If you sell your digital product on a sales platform such as Sellz or Sellfy, they will provide the embed code for a sales widget, also called an ecommerce widget, that links to your product sales page.

Sales Widget Example


Here’s an example of a sales widget used by It’s used to promote her eBook, The Clean Life.

Notice how this graphic would fit perfectly in a blog’s sidebar? Because Jessica used a photo of her face, she adds a psychological advantage of direct eye contact – also powerful!

After publishing her eBook on, Jessica gets the sales widget embed code (which was provided by Selz), and adds it to her blog’s sidebar widget.

And voila! Jessica’s sales widget quietly and assertively promotes her book from any blog post.







Use a Magic Action Box as a Sales Widget

Magic Action Box is a great WordPress plugin that enables you to create a customizable sales widget graphic with button links that can change color when you hover over them. If you have great design skills, you can even create a Magic Action Box sales widget like XOSarah’s, which links straight to a sales page.


What is a Widget in WordPress Anyway?

A widget on your WordPress blog is a small block placed into a blog’s theme, that performs a specific function. In the above example, a widgets can promote your product or service, and link directly to a sales page.

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Use Maxbuttons as a Sales Widget Solution

create-your-own-widget-3You can also use the Maxbuttons plugin as a DIY Sales Widget.

Many blog themes don’t offer button links, but you can create and customize all kinds of buttons, rectangle to rounded. After designing your button, you can embed the code, and create a button link that changes color when you hover over it.

This is an example from my blog’s sidebar. I first created a graphic for my course, and then created  a maxbutton that links to its sales page.

In one of my blog’s sidebar widgets, I added the html code for the graphic and the button. Super easy!

Create a DIY Sales Widget

create-your-own-widget-2You can also create a DIY sales widget if you’d rather not deal with adding plugins to your blog.

You can just create a sales graphic with your product in Canva, Photoshop, PicMonkey, etc.

When you upload it to your blog’s media library, just link the graphic to your sales page. It will be helpful if your graphic includes a call to action (Buy Now, Click Here, etc), so that visitors know that is a clickable image.

You can just add a linkable “fake button” that doesn’t change color because it’s part of the graphic.

This example is from





Create a PayPal Buy Button

I can’t forget about creating your own PayPal Buttons, as it’s probably the grandaddy of all ecommerce widgets. While PayPal provides its own standard Buy Buttons, there is still lots of room for customization.

Similar to the above how to for creating a DIY Sales widget, you create a sales graphic with a fake call to action button. When you upload the image to your blog’s media library, you link the graphic to your PayPal link.

Step 1: Create a sales button with PayPal (follow their directions).

Step 2: Go to “My Saved Buttons” in PayPal, and click the “Action” drop-down menu. Click on “View Code”.


Step 3: You’ll be taken to page which reads “Add your button to your webpage”, and displays code to be embedded into your website. Click the tab that says email, and you’ll see a link that you can use in email.


Step 4: When you embed your sales graphic image into your blog post, add the PayPal sales link where it asks for a Custom URL


(In this example, I’m linking the graphic to somewhere else, but you get the idea. You can add whichever Custom URL you like.)


Step 5: Test your sales widget links to make sure they go where you want them, and you’re all set!

Ready to add a sales widget to your blog?

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