How to Sell Digital Products from a Blog

In order to sell digital products from your blog, you’ll need to have the various elements in the right place.

Have a Blog
In order to establish your authority, your blog needs content that shares your knowledge and expertise. Whether it’s blog posts, video blogs, or podcasts, visitors want to find solutions to their problems in your blog. The more blog posts you have, the more solutions you are sharing, so be sure to update your blog often, at least twice a month.

Have a Digital Product (or Products)
In addition to having a blog, you want to have at least one digital product to sell. This can be an eBook, online course, printable, online lesson plan, etc. You can host your product on your own website, using a WordPress plugin like MemberPress, or on another selling platform such as Teachable, Amazon, or Sellfy, but your digital product must be available for sale.

Open your blog up for BUSINESS!

Add a sales widget to your blog so that your product can be seen on your sidebar, footer, after every blog post, etc. Make sure that your product is in clear view on any page or post on your blog.

Promote your products every day

Once your blog is ready, it’s time to promote your product every day. This includes pinning your product on Pinterest, appearing on someone else’s podcast, sending an email newsletter with a call to action to purchase, writing a guest post on someone else’s blog, livestreaming on your public Facebook page, etc.

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Even when it may feel outside of your comfort zone, promoting your products has to become a habit, not something that’s done every once in a while.


Are you ready to sell digital products from your blog?


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