How To Sell Digital Products Online

How To Sell Digital Products Online

If you’re wondering how to sell digital products online, today’s blog post will share some of my best tips.

In this year’s “AMAZING APRIL: Create Your First (or Next) Digital Product” Challenge, members in the Internet Famous VIP Mastermind Group created eBooks and online courses in various niches, including natural pain control, insomnia solutions, beekeeping, and blogging for stay-at-home moms. It was amazing to see so many folks just go for it, and create a digital product within a month! But once the high from creating a digital product wears off, the next question I usually receive is, “Okay, so exactly HOW do I sell my digital product online?

That’s a logical question, which I am excited to answer in this blog post. In addition to promoting your digital product (eBook, online course, membership site, etc) on your blog, I have some other methods of promotion that you may not have considered.


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Sell Digital Products Online with Marketing Tools


You can sell digital products online with basic marketing methods and tools that won’t cost an arm and a leg. Here are some of the basic methods:

  • Email Signature – Set up your email so that your digital product is promoted in every single email that you send out. Include the name of the product, a link to it, and a call-to-action to check it out.
  • Sales Page – Whether you use a LeadPages sales page, or create a sales page on your blog (check out the Thrive landing page plugin for your WordPress blog), make sure to have a sales page that is 100% focused on one thing: selling your digital product. A sales page can be improved with great copywriting, and testimonials that focus on the results that your prospective customer can receive after putting your digital product to use.
  • Email List Announcement – If you have an email list, send out a “Solo Mailer” announcement of your new digital product. In other words, this should be an email that mentions nothing else but the new release of your eBook, webinar, online course, etc. This won’t be the only time that you ever mention your digital product, but this will be the official announcement. If you haven’t started your email list yet, check out ConvertKit, Mailerlite, and Mailchimp for possible options.
  • Press Release – While having a press release might sound “old school”, in the days of the internet, having an online press release offers a one-page article on your digital product that can be used by the media, and also provide SEO and back-linking opportunities. Your press release can be on a page on your blog, as well as enjoy free press release distribution on multiple media websites:
  • Juicy Freebie – Before a prospective customer purchases from you, they’ll often want a sample of your work. This is where having an irresistible digital freebie comes in handy. You can use a free chapter, mini-course, content upgrade, etc. to entice people to sign up for your email list. This will enable you to keep in touch with interested readers in the future.

Sell Digital Products Online Via Your Blog


A blog is YOUR home on the web. You make the rules, and no one can take it away from you. So when you have a digital product to sell, it should have a prominent place on your blog.

  • Blog Post Announcement – Just like your email list should have an official announcement for your digital product, your blog also needs an announcement. As the readers of your blog won’t necessarily be on your email list, you can re-use the same announcement from your email list.
  • Sidebar* Widget – If your WordPress blog uses a left- or right-side sidebar, add a sidebar widget that features a graphic for your product and links to your product’s sales page. If your blog doesn’t have sidebars, consider adding your product to a header or footer widget. These blog widgets can be seen while reading your blog, and passively promote your product.
  • Your “About Me” Page – The “About Me” Page on your blog shouldn’t just give your biography. This page can be used to relate how your experience and knowledge can help your reader get the results they seek. Think of this page as a mini-sales page for your product(s), and be sure to link to your sales page.
  • Blog Post Footer Plugin – Did you know that you can set up your blog so that each post promotes your digital product (or product line)? By adding a plugin like Add to All to your WP blog, you can add HTML, JavaScript or CSS to the header and/or footer of each blog. You can see this plugin in action on my blog now, as each blog post automatically features a promo graphic which links to a sales page.
  • Related Blog Posts – Have a few blog posts related to the subject matter of your digital product (think tips and tutorials), and link to your sales page from the blog post.
  • Know the SEO keywords in Your Niche – Optimize your blog post so that it can convert readers to buyers, buy focusing on the keywords that your target market enters into Google and other search engines. I use Jaaxy to identify the best keywords for my niche with the least competition. To learn more about how to do this, check out Pajama Affiliates’s courses, especially How to Write a Blog That Converts.
  • Use Social Media Share Plugins – Make it easy for your blog readers to share your blog posts on different social networks by using a social share plugin like Social Warfare
  • Media Page – Have a page on your website that displays all of your promotional materials, including your press/media release, social media graphics in multiple sizes, your headshot, promo videos, etc. It should be a one-stop shop that a journalist or blogger could visit, and get enough information to write an article about you without ever meeting you.

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Sell Digital Products Online Using Social Media


No online or digital marketing plan would be complete without including social media strategy:

  • Create Images for Social Media – Create images that fit the template for each social media network that you’re on. Canva and PicMonkey offer graphic templates to make the job easy.
  • Your Public Facebook Page – If you already have a Public Facebook page for your online business, you can post an announcement, as well as excerpts from your digital product, and link to your sales page. If you don’t already have a Facebook Page, you may want to think about creating one, in order to have a presence on Facebook. 
  •  Your Facebook Group – Facebook also enables you to create your own online tribe of people who enjoy your work. Having a group enables people to communicate with you, and each other. Not to mention that your Facebook Group is another way to market your products and services and get feedback.
  • Other Facebook Groups – Other Facebook Groups in your niche offer opportunities for networking, although you want to check rules for promotion. You can offer support and solutions for questions that other members ask, and become a go-to person. Some groups offer promo days when you can promote your giveaways and even free discovery sessions.

Sell Digital Products Online Using Video


No promotion campaign would be complete without video:

  • Create a video for Facebook – Upload a video to Facebook directly, and tell your friends to share it with their friends.
  • Create a video for YouTube – YouTube has mega SEO power, and gets lots of love from Google, so be sure to also post a video there.
  • Live stream to your FB Page and/or Group – Livestream videos are a great way for people to get to know the real you. You can also teach content, and be able to answer questions from your viewers in real time. People can also watch the replay, and the video can be downloaded, and re-purposed on YouTube (or wherever you want.
  • Create a Pretty Link – When you give calls to action in your videos, give your viewers short links that are easy to remember. I use the Pretty Link plugin on my blog for shortened URLs that are easy for me to say, and easy for my viewers to remember. 

Sell Digital Products Online Via Networking and Other People


You can also enlist the help of other people to promote your product and services:

  • Start an affiliate program – Choose a selling platform that offers affiliate commission (30-75%) for people who promote your product on their blogs.
  • Get Joint Venture Partners – Partner with others in your niche to share your product with their email lists, with or without an affiliate link.
  • Get Testimonials – Reviews and testimonials provide “social proof” that you and your product have helped others. Ask your customers for testimonials that you can share on your sales page, websites, and social media pages.
  • Join is a website that connects journalists with subject matter experts. When you have an eBook or online course in a particular subject, that means you. Use HARO to get you and your product mentioned in the media.
  • Write Guest Blog Post – Write guest posts for other blogs in your niche, and get a link back to your blog and/or sales page.
  • Offer Guest Bonus – Share a freebie, or give away a portion of your digital product as a bonus for someone else in your niche
  • Attend Meetups – Look for Meetup Groups in your area that get together to discuss your niche. Offer to be a guest speaker, or simply get to know the other people in your local network. If you’re a people person, start your own Meetup Group, and host monthly events.
  • Podcast Interviews – Podcasters are always seeking new guests to interview. Research iTunes, Sticher, and to find podcasts in your niche. Listen to a few, and send a pitch to the podcast hosts.

Are you ready to sell digital products online?


Carla Lynne Hall is a Digital Business Coach who teaches online courses for bloggers and online influencers who  want to grow an audience, build a profitable online business, and enjoy a lifestyle to outside of the regular 9-5.  She also runs the Internet Famous VIP Mastermind Group on Facebook, where she provides group coaching and challenges. Join today at

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