Writing the Perfect Blog Post

Writing the Perfect Blog Post Since Amy Price asked about how to write a blog post, I’m going to share my “Carla’s Cliff Notes” version. For an in-depth lesson, I recommend the courses by Pajama Affiliates at: https://InternetFamousVIP.com/pajamas I’m going to use Amy’s recent blog post “A Simple … Read more about Writing the Perfect Blog Post

Blogging Your Life

Blogging Your Life “Get Paid, Blog Your Life” is the rallying cry of online entrepreneurs who create income online by creating blog posts that are monetized. In other words, these bloggers write about their day to day experiences in such a way that they get PAID for it. However, all lifestyle … Read more about Blogging Your Life

Become A Lifestyle Blogger

Become a Lifestyle Blogger! I never thought I'd be "Going Hollywood" in this blog, but I can't fight the inspiration that hit me this afternoon: To become a lifestyle blogger is a little like becoming a reality TV star (and I mean that in the best way!) that lifestyle bloggers create a home on the … Read more about Become A Lifestyle Blogger