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Help My Digital Product Isn’t Selling!

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Where to Sell Your Digital Products Online?

After all of the excitement of creating your digital product (eBook, online course, membership site, etc) wears off, there is sometimes a letdown when it comes to making those first sales. After all those long hours, and nights of missed sleep while you put your very best into its creation, you excitedly launch it into the interwebs, and then….


So what do I do now, Carla, you ask?!?!?!

Well, the good news is that crickets are actually a normal occurrence on the way to building your online business. No matter how amazing your content is, the act of creating a digital product alone will not bring traffic to your sales page, nor will it guarantee automatic sales.

In the movie The Field of Dreams, we are told, “If you build it, they will come.”

But that’s not how it works online. If you build it, you gotta tell people that it’s there. So in this blog post, I’m going to share some strategies to use to sell your digital product(s).

where sell digital products online

Where to Sell Digital Products Online

Display prominently on your blog/website – Your digital product shouldn’t be a secret. Make sure that there is a graphic display in a prominent place on your website/blog.

Promote in more places – In addition to your blog/website, there are are multiple places online where you can – and should – promote your digital product. Check my post on How to Sell Digital Products Online, which is chock full of ideas, from updating your email signature to appearing on podcasts.

Promote it more frequently – It sometimes takes a person a few touches before they realize that you have a product, and a few more before they decide to purchase it. If you only sent one announcement to your email list a month ago, consider sending another email related to your problem that your product solves, and let your call to action be to (re)visit your sales page.

Visit Facebook Groups in your niche – Seek out FB groups in your niche that allow promotion, and share your freebies, and sales pages accordingly. You can also offer great advice, and link to helpful blog posts that you’ve written. Check the promo rules of the Facebook group(s) before posting.

create digital product

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Sell eBooks Online

Create a Better Sales Page – Having an awesome sales page can often be the difference between a visitor, and a BUYER. If you’d like to create a super-charged sales page, try Leadpages or Thrive Landing Pages. Otherwise, be sure to include elements of a killer sales page, such as:

  • Eye-catching Headline
  • Great Graphics
  • Compelling Copy (words that SELL!)
  • Testimonials from past customers
  • Personal Video

Offer a sample for prospective customers – You can offer a free chapter from your new book, or a free email or mini-course in exchange for a visitor’s email address. That way, if they don’t purchase your digital product the first time they visit, you can contact them again at another time.

Offer a bonus – Consider adding a little something extra to your digital product, perhaps even someone else’s freebie if it’s of interest to your target market. That will “sweeten the deal”.

Where to Sell Online Courses

Offer a guarantee – Offering a money-back guarantee to your offer is attractive to many people, as you are accepting the risk.

Add a Payment Plan – If you sell a higher-priced digital product, a payment plan is often appreciated.

Make Money with Membership Sites

Raise/lower your price – Sometimes the reason for a lack of sales is due to the psychology of price. Some products’ prices may need to be lowered, and others may need to be raised. Check out similar products in your market to see what your target market may be expecting, and test your pricing.

Are prospective customers saying “No”? Ask them why – When you are an active participant in your online niche, you have the opportunity to ask people why they are passing on your offer. The answers will provide information that you can use to improve your offering.

When All Else Fails…

Go back to drawing board – If you’ve done just about everything on my Sell Your Digital Product list, and it’s been at least 6 months since you released your digital product, then you’ll need to do more market research. If you already have a blog, check your traffic analytics for the blog posts on the topic of your digital product. If it turns out that other topics have more pageviews, than you may need to create a product based on the more popular topics.

Cultivate your audience – Evaluate your audience. If you don’t already have an online community of blog readers, email list subscribers, Facebook group group members, then you may need to build one.

Check Yourself – Are you feeling a resistance to “putting yourself out there”? Do you have conflicting thoughts or feelings about promoting your product – for any reason? Are you concerned about what others may think about your offer? One reason for lack of sales is self-doubt. Remind yourself that you have something valuable to offer, but only when others can see or hear about it. Let your light shine!

Pivot – If you feel like you’ve done everything that you want to do with a particular product, then try something else. Create another product, solve a different problem, or try another niche. If you decide to change direction, no lessons learned are ever wasted. And each subsequent product is easier to create than the last one!

Closing Thoughts

It’s important to manage your own expectations, and remember that Rome was not built in a day. If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again!


Do you know where to sell your digital products online?

Carla Lynne Hall is a Digital Business Coach who teaches online courses for bloggers and online influencers who  want to grow an audience, build a profitable online business, and enjoy a lifestyle to outside of the regular 9-5.  She also runs the Internet Famous VIP Mastermind Group on Facebook, where she provides group coaching and challenges. Join today at https://InternetFamousVIP.com.

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