Writing the Perfect Blog Post

Writing the Perfect Blog Post

Since Amy Price asked about how to write a blog post, I’m going to share my “Carla’s Cliff Notes” version. For an in-depth lesson, I recommend the courses by Pajama Affiliates at: https://InternetFamousVIP.com/pajamas I’m going to use Amy’s recent blog post “A Simple & Basic Sewing Tools List for a Successful Sewing Start!” as an example.

Start with the end in mind

When writing a blog post, it’s good to have a goal in mind for the post itself. While you can use your blog post to teach something, your blog post can also be used to promote products that help get the job done. If you’re an Amazon Affiliate, for example, find various products that you can mention, and link to, using your affiliate link.

Choose good keywords

For Amy’s blog post, if you look at her URL, it’s actually https://amyssewingstudio.com/sewing-tools-list/, which includes the keyword phrase “sewing tools list”. According to the Jaaxy keyword tool, “sewing tools list” is a great keyword. This means that this is a keyword that people are looking for, and that you can possibly rank highly in Google when people search for it. Your blog post title can also be keywords that are actually questions that people ask Google, and your blog post can answer the question (while also linking to affiliate products). Many new bloggers write blog posts that don’t take keywords into consideration, which leads to little or no traffic to their blog post, and no affiliate sales. So using a keyword research tool like Jaaxy makes a difference. In addition to the URL keywords can also be used in headers, and as “alt tags” for photos.

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Use photos
No matter how helpful your writing is, breaking up your text with photos makes your blog post visually interesting. You can use photos to demonstrate how to do something. Photos can also be used to show how you use the products that you are blogging about. You can also find royalty-free photos on websites such as Unsplash.com. Great photos have a better chance of getting pins on Pinterest, which will also send traffic to your blog. You can also use a tool like Easy Product Displays (EPD) to display several products that include your affiliate link. Before posting photos to your blog, use your keywords when naming images, i.e. writingperfectblogpost.jpg. Promote your blog post. The idea of “If you build it, they will come”, is a myth when it comes to building a blog. After you hit “publish”, you also have to promote your blog post in order for people to see it. Share your blog post on your favorite social media network to let potential readers know that it’s there.

Are you ready to write your perfect blog post?

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